About us


The BuzzRank Curator provides a realtime overview of trending news, articles, photos and videos that are being shared on the social web.

The Curator achieves this by monitoring all tweets from a select panel of users and by following certain hashtags. It extracts included URLs and determines the current BuzzRank for each webpage: the more hotly discussed a certain piece of content is, the higher the BuzzRank and the higher it shows up on the list of links. Over time the BuzzRank diminishes and the item moves lower on the list as new links take over the top rankings. So the Curator creates a permanent feed of interesting and relevant content.

Through the selection of members for a user panel or by selecting hashtags the system generates lists about certain subjects. Those are called Curator Feeds. Currently there are 2 curator feeds available: Digital Lifestyle Feed: recent content from the areas of social media & internet culture, politics & society, tech & gadgets.

Event Feeds: Live-feeds of realtime content from events like Dmexco, re-publica or SXSW.

The algorithm used to determine the BuzzRank of a piece of content is constantly being optimized and currently uses a small, but growing number of factors. The Curator is being used to calibrate the system with the goal of developing an indicator for the relevance of content on the social web in general that can be used by our clients in other BuzzRank products and services.